Smart Sitting Workshop & Visit


We all know it already or have felt it in our own daily lives: sitting still too much and for too long is not good for your health.

  • What are the health risks of sitting still too much and too long?
  • Are you aware of how you are sitting? Are you slouching? Does your lower back have enough support? Are you relaxed or too tense? Are you perching on the edge of your chair? We teach a practical approach to improve your awareness of your body when seated.
  • How can you adjust your office chair correctly and how high should your desk be?
  • What is the most ergonomic arrangement for your monitor, keyboard and mouse?
  • What about environmental factors, a(n) (activity-based) workspace set-up and working arrangements?
  • Healthy physical activity? How can you incorporate more activity? What exercises could you do?

This workshop discusses all these topics, taking a highly interactive approach. After this session, you will know how to adjust your office chair correctly, be able to set up your workspace ergonomically, be more aware of your posture while sitting and be motivated to improve your working arrangements and stop sitting still so much.

After the joint session, participants will return to their workplace with plenty of tips to inspire them. Participants will take some time to adapt their workspace set-up accordingly.  The ergonomic prevention adviser then visits each participant's workstation to evaluate their set-up, making adjustments if needed.

This individual advice is important to prevent or reduce physical symptoms and ensure that such symptoms do not increase due to the workstation set-up and work posture.  The evaluation offers great added value for employees with pain in their back, neck, upper and lower limbs, symptoms of eye strain and more in particular.


All display screen workers
1 half-day
Certificate of participation